The 2023 Enrollment Window is Closed.

If you enrolled in The Creative Way, your course materials are in process and will be mailed to you shortly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email our support team at Thank you!
"The Creative Way has been and continues to be the most powerful and 
life changing course or seminar or talk I have ever taken.
Clark Wise, Creative Way student
The Creative Way has impacted my life like no other writing course on the market. In fact, that's because it is like no other writing course. Those first lessons focus on changing the foundation of all writing by changing and transforming who we are as writers. They force us to use our spiritual eyes to see beyond current reality. The questions cut through the core of excuses and clamp open the lid under which we've been hiding our true selves. 

Penny Stone, Creative Way student
If you seek challenge and change in your life this course will hit the mark! Ted Dekker and Kevin Kaiser demystify the writing process while injecting truth, deep spiritual truth, into every crack and crevice of your form. They call it a writing course but it is more than a class. This is an experience in getting to know yourself more profoundly, to know your Creator more intimately, and, in the process, who would've guessed're writing better than you ever have with more clarity and more confidence. 

Kim Lovado, Creative Way student
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