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Writers email us every day about how The Creative Way has changed the story of their lives, not just their writing. We thought it would be fun to document their journeys right here—in their own words.

You just might discover your own story below.

Jenna Gibb


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"The Creative Way helped free me from self-doubt. I have tried so many things without success. For 10 years I've been struggling to write the first draft of my book, and now, within 3 months, I did it. It's tough to put in words such a transformational experience. This was the best investment I have ever made in my writing career. I can say, without exaggeration, that this course has changed my life.
"The Creative Way saved my writing and my life. No joke. I was in a very dark place when I started this course. I was questioning why I was here and what benefit did I bring to the world. Now, my faith and my relationship with the Father has been restored and I am writing more than ever, but now with a hope for the future that I haven't had in many years. This course not only transforms your writing for the better, but it transforms your life too. I have never walked away from a course with so much hope in my heart."
"The Creative Way is like no other writing course. It builds from the heart of the writer, transforming your sense of self as a writer and equipping you with the essential tools to release the stories within you."
"I have been waiting for a course like The Creative Way for years. When the author who has had the greatest impact on not only your life, but that of your entire family, presents you with the opportunity to learn directly from him, you do not hesitate.You run directly to that opportunity! I joined the Platinum level course and took advantage of having a professional editor look at my work. I am planning to have a published book by the end of the year!"
"I was surprised by how understood I felt as an author. With most writing courses, it is from a teacher to a student standpoint. Not usually is it an honest, authentic author to author course. I, all of the sudden, didn't feel so alone in my writing journey. I wanted to keep going because I knew there were others out there with me who sometimes felt just as lost as I did. This course was far beyond all my expectations. I feel rejuvenated in my writing journey and so blessed by everything I experienced and learned. I have never taken a writing course that I found to be so extremely helpful and authentic. I loved every lesson and continue to go through and listen to them!"
"The Creative Way has been and continues to be the most powerful and life changing course or seminar or talk I have ever taken."
"The Creative Way has impacted my life like no other writing course on the market. In fact, that's because it is like no other writing course. Those first lessons focus on changing the foundation of all writing by changing and transforming who we are as writers. They force us to use our spiritual eyes to see beyond current reality. The questions cut through the core of excuses and clamp open the lid under which we've been hiding our true selves." 
"Because of what I learned through The Creative Way I was able to send out and sell my first book. This course gave me the confidence and tools I needed!"
"For me, The Creative Way couldn't have been better. It was perfect. It is the best writing course I've seen, and I've taught a writing course. It was absolutely the best thing I've ever done for myself." 
"Through The Creative Way I realized that I was meant to write. This course could not be any better in my opinion. I had serious doubts about whether or not I had the ability or the right to tell stories before I signed up for the Creative Way. This course changed that for me. I no longer feel alienated in my struggle as a person and as a writer, because Ted outlines every area where there are mental and physical traps on the writer's path...and then gives you the tools to overcome them."
"Through The Creative Way I learned a new perspective on who I am, Christ in me, me in Him as it relates to writing. Totally blows away my hesitation for using my voice to share stories, or the fear that someone else has already told it better. I was made for this, and have been given this gift for a reason. This course was like unwrapping a whole new feature, a whole new depth to my writing experience... a well of endless inspiration and potential. I went into this course not knowing what to expect, never having written fiction before. I found myself confronted with so much truth, of who I am in Christ, and how to use that to my advantage as a writer, destroying that voice that haunts my mind that I'm not good enough, original enough, etc. Ted spills out the truth, that we are beloved children of a Father who is infinitely creative, and invites us to play too! His writing instruction clicked with me, was easy to follow, and challenged me into several personal transformations that I wasn't expecting. I recommend this course for the seasoned writer for a fresh dose of inspiration, and especially for someone like me, who never wanted to write fiction, but has a story to tell!
"Thanks to the Creative Way Course, I am writing again. I had been stuck for years and am now moving forward with the book I started long ago. The encouragement I got from Ted and Kevin helped me push through the fear of failure."
"This has been the most awesome experience I have had as a new writer. It really put a lot of things into perspective for me and it challenged me to fully examine the way I tell stories as well as the way I write them. It is also very encouraging and uplifting. If you haven't signed up for the course yet, do yourself a favor and DO IT! You won't be disappointed."
"The Creative Way does as advertised: It's rewiring my brain. I'm thinking differently, and am now on my second time through. This is an excellent course. Introspection leads to heart connection. Heart connection leads to Spiritual connection. Spiritual connection leads to authentic story connection with your audience."

"The Creative Way revealed as much about me as it did about composing a story. The marriage of my journey with the journey within story has been eye opening. The course, like most great teaching, reveals simple truths that should be evident to us all but often remain hidden by fear and confusion. The course wipes out the fear and the confusion."

"Before this course impacts your writing, it will impact you. Before your skills transform, your heart will. And through that process, you will come to see that your journey is exactly what you need to tap into in order to write truly transformational fiction. The Creative Way is worth every dollar!"

"I fully recommend this course to anybody who is a writer at heart. Whether you've been writing for years, or are stumbling and struggling through your first book, or merely dream of writing someday, I believe this course is essential. I found it to be simple and to the point, yet steeped in wisdom from a veteran writer. You will not be disappointed!"

"To be honest if I never write another word what you've taught me spiritually was more than worth it! This course not only opened a door that I did not realize was there but took me by the hand and led me on a journey that has set my imagination free. It has made me more confident and more aware of what it is I am meant to do."

"The encouragement I've received and new way of looking not only at writing, but at my own life and at the world, are beyond price. I wish I had had The Creative Way five years ago! For Christians who want to be authors, this is the course. I went to a Christian college, majored in English, and took all kinds of writing courses taught by Christians with doctorates in literature and writing, and this course is just as good as all four undergraduate years combined.
"The Creative Way has allowed me to understand for the very first time that God created me as a writer and an artist, that those things are not peripheral to my other daily activities, but help define how He sees me - this has freed me to accept who I am and rejoice in it. Who did God create you to be? Did He fashion you as an author, a teller of a Story? Did He breathe that aspect of His own creativity into your being? The Creative Way will help you realize that not only is the yearning to write a part of your very being, but that the Creator is pleased when you use the gift He has given you. The Creative Way will also stitch together a wonderful overview of the essentials of Story, unlocking doors for you that other writing courses have never touched. The Creative Way is full of treasure, wonder, and humor. Well worth the cost."
"You will find no better mentor on the path of writing than Ted Dekker. Both from a spiritual and a practical aspect, Ted will guide you on the path to be a great writer. Heed the call."
"I've always wanted to create stories and other worlds. The Creative Way has opened my eyes to a completely different world of storytelling. I really can't think of a way this course could have been better. It covered all aspects of transformational writing; emotionally and practically. You have equipped my heart and my mind, and I now have confidence that telling my stories will make a difference in the world. " 
"The Creative Way was my first writing course, so the bar is set pretty high now. It is a course on transformational fiction and it completely delivers. The craft of writing is explored in a fresh way that is a great benefit to any writer. However, it is the "who" of writing that truly transforms. Once I discovered who I was and why I was writing, I was changed, and that allowed me the freedom to write stories that, hopefully, change others."
"This course made me a stronger writer, it helped improve my craft and gave me tools to use to assist me in the future."
"Ted takes you onto a journey unlike any other writing instruction class I've encountered. It's a fabulous foray into our hearts and souls as writers and storytellers. He gently guides you on an empowering spiritual journey, answering why we write stories and how to do so using our true identity as children of God. It's an understatement to say it's been eye opening and life changing for me. The most important transformation I've learned about is that within myself. And from that place writing stories of transformation should naturally follow. I cherish this time I've shared with Ted and can't thank him enough for sharing his wisdom and heart with me in this course." 
"The Creative Way is not just a course about writing - it's a transformational life journey. Make no mistake, you WILL receive tools that will accelerate your growth and development as a writer. If that's all you received, it would be worth it. But more importantly, you will be invited on a journey that can potentially transform how you view God, how you view yourself, how you view others, and how you navigate life's challenges. This course is an investment in your future as a writer AND as a person.
"The Creative Way has given me a whole new perspective into my writing. I write to bring light to myself and in doing so bring light to others. This course helped me realize the power that I have and how to perfect my craft to impact as many lives as possible. It's life changing for me not just as a writer but as a daughter of the King."
"The Creative Way has been life changing on every level. This course is incredible! A bright and shining star in world filled with information overload. Anyone who has ever thought of writing a book owes it to themselves to make the small financial investment in this course that gives priceless life changing returns.
"The Creative Way delves deeper than anything else I've found. It simultaneously reveals and fixes foundational errors in the understanding of story. This removes the mystery of why people who've mastered the craft of writing, don't get read. Skill as a writer comes in many ways, but a core understanding of how to write a story that people will love to read comes from the Creative Way." 
"This course is very different from all other writing instruction I have ever seen. It gets to the heart of writing by getting to the heart of living and then showing how to put that journey on the page in a purposeful way as you are experiencing it."
"The Creative Way delves beyond the basic elements of story construction. It's a journey. A journey to find your story, both on the page and in your day to day life. A journey worth the taking."
"If you seek change in your life this course will hit the mark! Ted Dekker demystifies the writing process while injecting truth, deep spiritual truth, into every crack and crevice of your form. They call it a writing course but it is more than a class. This is an experience in getting to know yourself more profoundly, to know your Creator more intimately, and, in the process, who would've guessed it...you're writing better than you ever have with more clarity and more confidence.
"This course helped me to believe in myself and trust the quiet voice and unique expression inside. I believe anyone can benefit from the course if they apply the principles and remember their greatness. " 
"The Creative Way touches on everything needed to write transformational fiction. The nuts and bolts are covered. The marketing is covered. But most important-the mental and spiritual stuff is covered. Without that, you have just another writing course. I continually review the course over and over to keep in touch with my creative self." 
"Writers of all genres will find The Creative Way inspiring and influential as to why, what, and how they tell their story. Understanding why I write, from the outside looking in, propels me forward to compose more transformational stories. God gave me a gift to write at 48; I had no desire or talent to compose words with meaning for others to read. I have been writing for 12 years. The Creative Way confirmed that gift, that when we find the light within and write from that source, there is no stopping the fountain of living water." 
"This unique writing course is a realistic and honest approach to writing that I know connects with readers. Encouraging and informative, I'd recommend The Creative Way to seasoned writers and newbies alike. Clarifying ones purpose, not only for writing but also for living, is vital and this course has helped me do both by pointing the way without overwhelming me." 
"The Creative Way is a completely different perspective on writing, and its power lies not in simply teaching the mechanics of writing, but in transforming the writer."
"The Creative Way gave me the freedom to express without fear or regret. The freedom to be honest. You have opened a new world to aspiring writers. The idea of transformational writing opened a new understanding of the purpose of writing and a renewed hope that I could be a writer of fiction through my personal experiences and struggles. Thank you."
"When I found this course online, I was sure that it would be worth my time and money. I have not been disappointed. I have already begun my first novel with the view to making it transformational. I would recommend this course to any budding writer. Thank you Ted and Kevin; I am now a woman with a deep sense of true identity!"
"The Creative Way opened my eyes to a new way of approaching my writing. The art of storytelling is unwrapped, and there's nothing like learning from the best!" 
"The Creative Way showed me that there are others like me. This course helped me so much. Not just either my writing but it also encouraged me that I am not alone. That there are others out there with the desire to write stories that really connect with people."
"This course showed me a new depth to the spiritual aspect of writing. It was so different from any other writing course I've taken. I could hear Ted Dekker's deep desire to help writers in his voice as he pleaded with us to understand who we really are -- a Child of God."
"For me The Creative Way has been a great encouragement. Before the course I would skip days at a time and neglect my writing, but the course has helped me to understand why it is important to put in the work."
"I would recommend the Creative Way to anyone with even a smidgen of interest in writing for whatever your purpose or cause. Ted Dekker and Kevin Kaiser skillfully take their students through a holistic view of writing. Starting with the Spiritual, the duo take you on a journey through understanding who the Author and Creator of the house is before diving into it's architecture and mechanics. The summaries of lessons and the activities in the workbook prompt you to really dive deep into the teachings and apply them to your life and writing. If you take the section including Making a Ruckus you will always be brought back to center while talking about the ins and outs of marketing and sharing your story with the world. If you feel that tug in your mind or spirit to take the course, I would highly recommend you take a leap of faith and join us in the Creative Way."
"I was surprised by the encouragement and validation The Creative Way gave me on how close to the mark I've been all along...It has finally helped me break (write) through the wall I was beginning to wonder if I would ever break through. I'm beginning to believe that publishing this saga of stories is actually do-able."
"The Creative Way has given me the vision to see the depth of creativity that was already within me. If you're already aware of your creative nature, you can look at the world around you and discern the things that have had "story" purposely built into them against the things that haven't. This course gives you the tools not only to recognize that, but to go forward with the ability to not just create stories that speak to others in ways that help shape their outlook, but live a life that has a storied legacy. It is already who you are. The Creative Way helps you put it on and wear it as the clothing of your very nature."
"This course has helped me to see why it is that I want to write in the first place, and the course has brought a new perspective on both writing and spirituality. The course also provides good ways to begin the journey of writing through the Activation at the end of each audio session. The part of the course that I have went through has been incredibly beneficial!"
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